Luis Sanchez

Mexico born- Los Angeles based artist Luis Sanchez is a beguiling and animated interpreter of the figurative mode, who incorporates techniques of the past such as pigments and fresco-like media to his canvases.

Sanchez's works are grim and sublime, realistic and idealistic. The result is a profound statement of light and dark, life and death, and the role we play in it.

His two-dimensional works are often noted for his masterful use of Trompe l'oeil, leaving viewers with the impression that he has used photography, collage or other techniques when he has only use a brush. His works seamlessly combine the old and new and have an uncanny way of mixing architecture with the human form.

The same is to be said for his new found inspiration in bronze sculpture. Combining strong, powerful figures in bronze with steel metal structures using pulleys, cables, and found objects, Luis has once again created a juxtaposition between our past, present and future in this new series titled "The New Alchemy"

"I actually began sculpting when I was about five, making my own toys, and began painting at 15, after years of watching my father paint for countless hours. So, although painting has taken up many more years of my life, sculpture was definitely my first passion. I have a very strong feeling I am merging with my future, lining up with my destiny, as now my entire life is in flux, having taken a sharp right turn. Something magical and unexplainable is happening. I believe sculpting is the portal to my future, and probably the most important phase of my professional artistic life".

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