Laura Schumpert



Laura Schumpert is a fine art photographer specializing in surrealism, based in the Cape Girardeau area of Missouri. Creating images from her own emotions and experiences she infuses them with painterly techniques and elements to remove you from reality.  Laura's imagery has placed her innermost thoughts into a physical medium to live and be heard.

Laura received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010, she quickly realized after the birth of her son in April of 2012 she was meant to be a photographer.  Self taught, she began her career as a wedding photographer. Her son's birth triggered her start in photography and his death was the catalyst for her fine art pieces.  After the tragic death of her husband and son in December of 2014 she began to channel extreme grief into her images. She continues to create pieces to honor her husband, son and their journey as this has become her sacred reprieve.