Huss Hardan

Huss Hardan is the resident artist at huZ galleries

The photography bug bit Huss hard in his early years while living in England and dreaming of good light, first playing with a Polaroid instant camera before branching out to 35mm film.

Southern California was the next stop for Huss with a brief move to digital imaging before deciding that anything that can create an image would be his chosen medium. Currently that includes digital, 35mm and medium format film cameras.

Huss’ major influence for his color photography is the work of David Hockney, with the intense colors often becoming the subject matter of the images. 

Huss considers himself a documentarian of the personal, the abstract and occasionally the absurd. 

His latest series is “Anguish and Obsession - An American Love Story. “

 Multiple stories are told within its narrative.  The abuse of power. The fetishistic obsession that some have with firearms.  The disastrous consequences of such obsessions. The danger of a militarized police force.

As the series progresses it devolves and becomes darker and more graphic.  We are the seducer, the seductress, the enabler and the victim.

The photographic style employed blends Helmut Newton’s eroticism with Weegee’s crime scene imagery.

A hybrid form that has Huss describing himself as Helmut Weegee when incorporating this aesthetic.

The series was shot on medium format film and digital.  Its mature content of partial nudity and simulated violence may make those with milder dispositions uncomfortable. 

Anguish and Obsession - An American Love Story will be on display  through the month of May.