Visual Art as Inspiration July 27, 2015 13:20

A young man stopped by our gallery yesterday evening. After walking around admiring the works he sat down for a while. There he was sitting, in deep thought looking at "The Core" by artist Wawi Amasha. He then reached into his backback for a spiral notebook and pen and began to write. Fifteen minutes go by and this is what he wrote:


Sapphire Moon
Written by: Micah A. Moore
7.25.2015 @5:32pm
Relief where are you?
I called but you didn’t answer
Comfort I need you
I cried but you didn’t come
Peace, peace, peace
I waited for you but you never showed
Relief, Comfort, Peace find ME!
I look for you and yet you dance around like colors on a painted canvas
As I fall deeper and further away like a sapphire moon
You blow right pass me like the wind over feathers in midflight
You leave me in wanting like globe-eyed stares into the window of a bakery
But only there’s no aroma to lure me in
To guide me to your pleasures
None but the yearning for you in my heart calls to your very existence
Yet you force me to stay right here where I am
Alone with no stars to guide me through
Still as the night of a sapphire moon
I call, I cry, I look
But don’t have you for my own
You play hide-n-seek with my heart like children play in the park
Helplessly I wander
Hoping to catch you behind every obstacle I face
And to my despair you’re never there
Forcing me to keep my exclamation: “Aha’ I found you!”
Bottled up inside like cold sodas in a vending machine on a hot day when I have no money
Leaving me floating amidst the vast darkness that surrounds a sapphire moon.